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 How To Prepare Your Tracks before Mixing and Mastering


- for Mastering

1. Please remove any effects on the master channel, especially compressors and limiter.

2. Lower the master volume to avoid clipping (-6 dB).

3. Render your tracks in WAV/AIFF at 24bit. After your tracks are exported, add them to a folder, label the folder as the song name and compress the folder into a .ZIP or .RAR file.

4. Upload your folder (for example with “Dropbox” or “WeTransfer”) and put the link into the order checkout or send it directly to masteringchain@gmail.com.



- for Mixing and Stem Mastering

Before sending us your tracks/channels or stems it is important to make sure that the individual tracks are correctly prepared and named (Example: Kick, Bass, Snare, Guitar, Vocal etc…). Export each track from the beginning of the song so that all tracks start from the same position and are the exact same length. The rest is equal to the Mastering mentioned above.



Delivery Format

The final delivery format after Mastering is 16-bit Wav (CD-Norm) if there is no other output desired.



What Is Mastering?

Stereo Mastering is the final process of preparing music for distribution and broadcast. This is where levels are balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches and any other problems with the mix are ironed-out. It is largely a quality monitoring process. You will often see it described as the "final step" in production, or that it ensures your mixes translate well to other systems. Check out our service page.



What Is Mixing?

Our mixing service is where we take your individual raw recorded tracks to the next level. We have the possibility to edit (EQ, compress, gate/expand, fade, automate, effect etc...) each track individually to get a perfect mixing for the following mastering. Check our service page.



What Is Stem Mastering?

Stems are very useful if you plan to have a professional balanced mix. Stem mixes are rendered track versions/submixes of different groups in your mix. This means that your channels are summarized to useful groups and are slightly adapted by yourself. Check our service page.



Why Should I Choose A Professional Mastering?

If your quality of the music does not fit to the standard requirements/norms, a radio station or club can refuse to play your music. Of course, there are more reasons like marketability and certainly the style. These are important factors you can easily control. And we will be pleased to support you!



I Have An Extended/Club Mix And A Radio Edit Too, How Can I Enter?

Simply add 1 Mastering for 19,90€ and add the additional Radio Edit Mastering for 5,00€.



How Do I Pay?

Please follow the payment process. We accept currently only PayPal.

PayPal will automatically change the currency for your country. It’s simple, easy and fast!



How Can I Request A Testmaster?

Please upload your demo song (for example with “Dropbox” or “WeTransfer”) and send that link with the subject „Testmaster“ and song name to masteringchain@gmail.com. Read more about Testmaster.



How Will I Receive The Purchased Mastering Of My Song?

We send the mastered version of your song with WeTransfer to the same eMail address you have entered in the order. You can simply download your song by using the download link.



How Will I Receive The Testmastering?

Also like when you purchase a Mastering. With WeTransfer. We send the Testmastering to the eMail which you have send us your demo.


Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes. Please use our dropdown menu in our shop. Simply choose the desired quantity and you will see the discount. You can also click here



Can You Master A MP3?

Of course we can also master a MP3. We usually recommend to use .Wav or .AIF files because the resolution is much better.



How Long Will It Take Before My Song(s) Are Finished?

The processing time is mentioned in the Shop. If you need it very urgently, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Can You Master For Vinyl?



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